Australia's most recognised brand in Cutlery.

Stanley Rogers continues to be the most respected brand in premium stainless steel in Australia.

With a heritage of more than 80 years, Stanley Rogers continues to bring quality products to our homes that enhance the cooking and dining experience.

Stanley Rogers - the modern traditionalist.

Stanley Rogers understands the fine art of balancing tradition with modernity.

The brand takes its rich English heritage, traditions and values, with the modern sophistication of today - to create a timeless blend of modern elegance.






Our Heritage

Cutlers & Silversmiths since 1930.

With a heritage of over 80 years, Stanley Rogers is a brand iconic for its quality craftsmanship, and continues to be a leading specialist in Cutlery.

A Rich Heritage.

The Rogers name proudly dates back to the 1800s from England's famous silver smithing town of Sheffield.

Sheffield, recognised for its leading silverware manufacturers produced high-end quality knives, cutlery and silverware for the world.

Stanley Rogers, a Sheffield silversmith, arrived to Australia in 1926, where years later in 1930, established the company, Stanley Rogers & Son.

Stanley Rogers & Son.

The iconic Stanley Rogers & Son made its mark by opening a retail store within the heart of Melbourne, Victoria.

Over three generations, Stanley Rogers & Son operated as a family business for the next 70 years.



Our Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship since 1930.

Stanley Rogers emplots sophisticated design and production methods so that every piece bearing the Stanley Rogers name reflects the proud tradition of quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to the highest standards.

A commitment of quality & excellence.

Stanley Rogers has a proud tradition of quality craftsmanship with a commitment to the highest quality standards.

Each Stanley Rogers product is designed to provide you with high quality performance and style that is guaranteed for years to come.



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