Cheese Knives

Heighten the drama of your cheese boards and platters with a collection of cheese knives in Australia fit for royalty. Your basic kitchen knife may be good for everyday use, but for your favourite cheeses, it simply won’t cut it. Cheese knives are specifically designed to match in shape and sharpness with the different styles of cheese. From the soft and creamy to the hard and aged, by adding Stanley Roger cheese knives you can elevate any occasion for grazing from basic to sophisticated and create a spread that will please even the most discerning of guests.


    How to Choose the Right Cheese Knife?

    Let's slice into the different types of cheese knives and their uses:

    • Long soft cheese knife: This versatile knife has a thin blade ideal for cutting into softer cheeses like brie and camembert without damaging its structure. Its sharp and prolonged tip also makes it handy for picking up and serving harder cheese once cut.
    • Slotted soft cheese knife: This slot in the blade prevents soft and semi-soft cheeses from sticking to it when cutting, with less surface area to adhere to. It also has a two-pronged tip to make serving easy.
    • Hard cheese knife: With a larger blade, this knife is perfect for cutting through a whole wheel or wedge of aged cheese to form smaller portions.
    • Cheese spreader: This blade is designed for spreading soft cheeses like goat's cheese and gournay. We also call this a cream cheese spreader.
    • Cheese Slicer: This cheese knife lets you cut semi-hard cheeses into thinly sliced pieces.
    • Mini cleaver: A mini cleaver helps you easily cut into crumbly or semi-firm cheeses like blue cheese and aged cheeses.

    When shopping for a cheese knife, you must consider the cheese you are planning to serve.