French Oven Grill Duo

Striking design and bold colours create a statement piece in any kitchen. Our French Oven Grill Duos boast multi-functional features, high gloss durable enamel and lasting stain resistant enamelled interior.

Lightweight Cast Iron

This isn't your grandmother's cast iron pan. It's 50% lighter, highly rust resistant and the handle doesn't get hot like her's. Ideal for searing, browning and grilling.


Revolutionary non-stick with protective stainless steel matrix. 100% metal utensil safe. Hybrid performance of stainless steel and non-stick - great for searing and browning with the benefit of non-stick.

BI-PLY Professional

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the toughest kitchens. Innovative BI-PLY construction combines an extremely durable hard anodised exterior with premium grade stainless steel interior.

Conical TRI-PLY

Modern style and great performance in one. Brushed stainless steel finish compliments the chic industrial look. TRI-PLY construction ensures efficient, uniform heating with precise temperature control for professional results.

Hard Armour

Hard Armour

Modern, robust and stylish, our forged aluminium HARD ARMOUR range is the perfect cookware for busy households and growing families.


PRO-FORM Advanced

PRO-FROM Advanced

Enhance your cooking experience every day. The timeless beauty of polished stainless steel is combined with outstanding non-stick performance and comfortable, oven safe handles to create PRO-FORM Advanced.

Quartz Stone Advanced

Quartz Stone Advanced

Our Quartz Stone range is an ideal all-rounder. The triple-quartz stone non-stick coating is very hard-wearing, extremely easy to clean and care for.