Striking design and bold colours create a statement piece in any kitchen. Our French Oven Grill Duos boast multi-functional features, high gloss durable enamel and lasting stain resistant enamelled interior. Oven-to-table is made easy with the Magnetic Trivets.


Kitchen Workhorse

French Ovens can be used for many types of cooking – roasting, slow cooking, braising, searing, sautéing, frying, bread, soups, sauces and steaming. The possibilities are endless. 

Oven Roasting

Slow cooking in a cast iron French Oven keeps the moisture in and the temperature even. To add additional favour, use it on the cooktop to brown meat before adding other ingredients. The dual-purpose lid can also be used to roast on.

Grill Pan

The dual-purpose lid is also a grill pan on the cooktop. Perfect for steaks and grilled vegetables all year round. The raised crosses create perfect sear marks every time and allow oil to drain away for healthier results. 

Magnetic Trivet

Oven-to-table is made easy with our Magnetic Acacia Trivets. The integrated magnets hold the trivet to the base of the pan for hands-free serving convenience. To serve, simply place the French Oven or Grill Pan on the trivet and lift the pan by its handles without having to hold onto the trivet. Designed to fit our French Ovens but will also work on most induction cookware. 

Induction & Cooktop Compatible

Cast iron, even if enamelled, is very magnetic so will work on induction cooktop. Induction cooktops use a magnetic field to conduct energy into the metal, essentially turning the cast iron into the heating element. The result is excellent energy efficiency and heat distribution through the pan. It also works on all other heat sources. 

Raised Crosses

While roasting, the raised crosses in the lid direct moisture to self-bast continuously without having to remove the lid which makes roasts juicier. 

Stain Resistant & Easy to Clean

The hardwearing, matte black enamel interior is resistant to staining so the pan will look as good as new for years to come. Baked on food is easily released. No rusting and no seasoning required. Healthy, no-toxin cooking. The smooth gloss enamel exterior is also easy to clean. 

50 Year Guarantee

Designed and manufactured as a lifetime piece, you will get years of amazing meals from this pan. It is backed with our 50 Year Guarantee. 

Our products are proudly designed and engineered in Australia and manufactured to our high standards.

"I love that this pan is stylish and a real kitchen workhorse too. I definitely think it should be dubbed ‘the clever pan’, with its grill in the lid and ingenious magnetic trivet."

Belinda Jeffery

Cookbook author and cooking teacher



Magnetic Trivet Acacia 28cm
Magnetic Trivet Acacia 24cm