Rice Serving Spoons

When preparing and serving rice, having the right cutlery can make a meaningful difference. That's why we offer two rice spoons in different designs to help you scoop, stir, and serve just the right amount of cooked rice.


    The different types of rice serving spoons

    • Indian Rice Serving Spoon – This is an iconic style that has been used in Indian cooking for centuries. It's designed with a deep bowl-like shape that allows for precise scooping of rice and other grains. It has a long handle for better grip and control, making it ideal for those serving large amounts of rice.
    • Rice Cooker Spoon – Designed specifically for use with rice cookers, this spoon is usually made from plastic or stainless steel and has a wide base. This allows for easy scooping of cooked rice without making a mess. It also has a lightweight handle that won't strain your wrist when using it for extended periods.
    • Rice Paddle Spoon – Perfect for those looking for an all-in-one utensil, this spoon is usually made of wood or bamboo and is designed with a flat-bottomed paddle shape. This makes it ideal for stirring, scooping, and serving cooked rice without having to switch spoons.